Manifacture and trade

Foundation of high-tech industrial productions was conceived as one of strategic trends in development of SAFINAT GC. At present “Caspian Oil Refining Company” (CORC) is working out, implementing and operating oil-processing facilities, “Dagsteklo” OJSC owns float-glass production; specialists of SAFINAT GC are developing and carrying out projects in steel and aluminum foundry, smelting works, electricity generating, lumbering, woodworking and other manufactures.

SAFINAT Caspian Oil Refining Company was planned and realized as the unique Russian company as of today, all-sufficient in the sphere of oil processing, i.e. having own technologies, research laboratories, design bureaus, construction department, production capacities, rigging crews, testing and commissioning  specialists, operators of finished production and other necessary personnel. CORC consolidated the activities of the enterprises, which were engaged in storage, processing and sales of hydrocarbon products on the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

CORC includes some oil processing plants of different capacity, which permit not only obtaining profits, but also implementing own technologies at the industrial scale. Currently the main and most large-scale project of company is a plant in Makhachkala with productive capacity of 1 million tons of hydrocarbon material per year. Now this plant is under installation phase, all principal equipment is already produced, regulated devices are certified, the process procedures of the plant are agreed with the State Mining and Technical Supervision Agency (Gorgostekhnadzor). General manufacturing equipment was already designed and produced at CORC’s own production facilities in Murmansk and Monchegorsk by branch office specialists.

CORC owns long-term partner relationships with the Machine building ministry of China (CAMCE Corporation), by means thereof a part of production is carried out in the production areas leased in China. To purchase own products, CORC owns oil storage depots and leases separate tanks for storage of light products in Smolensk, Kirov and Yaroslavl.

The principal projects are carried out in the Caucasus region, particularly in Dagestan (Makhachkala), Sumgait, Baku and Salym. At the present moment the geography of company’s interests is expanding, and design connection of construction of oil refining plants is Pechora is carried out, as well as in Murmansk, Smolensk, possibility of construction in Samara, Khabarovsk Territory is worked out, also in the territory of the Bryansk and Kaliningrad regions, in Poland, Ecuador, Venezuela.

“Dagsteklo” OJSC is the oldest glass manufacturing plant in Russia and operates since 1924. It produces more than 15 types of glass tare from bottles of 0.25 ml to cans of 3 l. That plant produces more than 80 million of tare units per year. Modern Czech and domestic automated electronic machines are used at the plant. It employs more than 600 persons. Its turnover is about 200 million rubles;

Experts of SAFINAT GC carry out designing and prospecting of the most up-to-date commercial steel foundry in world scale, and finally it should become a part metallurgical works including all stages from ore processing to commercial steel production.

Mudunov Arsen Gereevich, Chairman of SAFINAT GC, is the Supervisor of production setting up in SAFINAT GC.