Communications and mass media

The "Safinat" Group includes:

  • radio "Safinat"
  • television "Safinat"

Television and radio channels "Safinat" are informational-social regional Mass Media. Target audience - citizens of Dagestan from 10 to 60 years old, about 1.5 million people. Equally with entertaining programs and favourite films there are mental cognitive themes like: telecasts about different places of the world, programs about features and traditions of different countries, about the faith and evolution of the spirit, about best places for rest and cultural ways of spending time and other.

TV channel is a network partner of the REN-TV.

Radio "Safinat" works under the slogan "The best radio station". The radio, which helps you to take your own happy wave and to achieve success.

The "Safinat" Group owns the main share holding in MTS-Dagestan.

MTS-Dagestan grants services of cellular connections on the whole territory of the Republic of Dagestan. The basic principle of the company is to render to its clients different kinds of services, high quality digital communication which is provided by operating equipments of the biggest world producers -Lucent Technologies, CISCO Systems, Motorola, Sun and permanent increasing qualification of company’s employees. Company orients itself not only towards those clients which need making calls (local connections, inter-city and international calls, national and international roaming), but also to those who need additional services (SMS, IP-telephony, conference – connections, voice mail, delivering of date base by technology GPRS/EDGE) and entertaining (MMS, SMS - chat, mobile television). It has more than 500 thousand subscribers.