Welcome to SAFINAT Group

The “Safinat” Group represents vertically integrated structure including all subdivisions providing to all its clients high quality transportation and commercial services.

The scope of activities covers following main directions:

  • marine transportation of general and liquid cargoes
  • railway expedition
  • cargo handling and storage of general and liquid cargoes
  • cargo handling and storage of liquefied gases
  • trading with petroleum and petroleum products
  • trading with liquid hydro-carbonated gases
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing of glassware products
  • shipbuilding and ship repair
  • communications and mass media
  • special, commercial and house-building.

The “Safinat” Group is one of the biggest transport-forwarding organizations, which realizes activity on the territory of the Russian Federation. Divaricated system of branches, representatives, daughter enterprises in a different ports and cities of The Russian Federation and abroad (branches and departments of the Company are founded in Makhachkala, Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Varna, Teheran) gives opportunity to realize effective organization of all transport and commercial tasks of the Group in the Caspian, Azov Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

By today, more than 15 000 people work in the “Safinat” Group . Capitalization of companies is about 500 millions dollars.