Shipbuilding and shiprepair

Technical services, ship repairs, and ship building of the Group’s fleet are organizing on the base of its own enterprises OJSC “Sudoremont” in Makhachkala and SBF Gujvin in Astrakhan

OJSC “Sudoremont”

In OJSC “Sudoremont” there are:

  • berths, port crane and area for warehousing of general cargoes, which is supplied by sea
  • mechanical workshop, which is supplied with special and multi -purpose equipment for repairing
  • slipway with carrying capacity of 600 tones for 6 repair places
  • floating dock with capacity of 800 tones
  • berths with length 450 meters
  • internal area of water with total 20 thousands square meters

OJSC “Sudoremont” works on building of ship hulling workshop, ship lifting device, stockpile areas for the ship building and ship repair, port lifting cranes (160 tones).

When the OJSC “Sudoremont” finishes reconstructions during this year, it will provide next services:

about ship repair:

  • 30 ships with capacity under 7000 tones
  • 24 ships with capacity under 600 tones

about ship building:

  • 4 ships with capacity under 7000 tones
  • 6 ships with capacity under 400 tones

There are about 800 people employed in OJSC “Sudoremont”.