Social projects and charity

The Safinat Group is a social oriented one. The group takes part in many projects created to develop the society in the mental, sportive and individual fields. The greatest projects are:

Private educational institution «Safinat» was founded in 2002. The main goal of the institution is to create educational environment predisposing mental, moral and physical growing and socialization of the children. Private educational institution «Safinat» consists of kindergarten, school and children creative work organization.

Conceptual educational program of Safinat’s private educational institution is based on:

  • introduction of future, which unify the image of young people who have to build their own future and live in it
  • modern scientific researches in the field of education, psychology and pedagogics
  • concrete social order

The main aim of the young and energetic team of institution is to develop personality of each child and that’s why educational programs are based on innovative forms and methods of the Russian education. (

There are so many beautiful islands and coves in the Caspian Sea and this is the main reason why the yachting became the most popular way for people to spend the weekends and holidays. Often this is the first step only, but after have to find out which yacht is faster, more manoeuvrable, who can go deeper in the sea. The Dagestan Federation, which has founded and developed yachting in The Caspian Sea, is part of the Yachting Federation in Russia

In 2008, The Safinat Group has supported a yacht, with Dagestan crew which has taken part, for first time, in the Greek stage of World Championships 2008. Presently, the Safinat Group organizes yacht championships in the nations from the Caspian Sea basin.

Also the Group is opening a subsidiary of the Federation in Astrakhan.

Safinat Group has fully reconstructed and renewed the city estate of I.S. Rahmanova. The estate of I.S.Rahmanova (16, Goncharnaya street) is an arhitecture monument named on one of its owner. The main building is two floored rectangular house, built in 1800, as well as the north wing of the building, which at first looked much more like the wing of the neighbour estate of Batasheva. Its present appearance the estate received during 1816 – 23, when the building was reorganized in empire style for the merchant I.S. Rukavishnikova. At that time the south wing was built and the area before the front yard was detached from the street with rusticated socle boundary wall, decorated with wrought iron elements, the entrance was formed by plain and strong pylon gate, and the center of the main building is well-proportioned six-column ionic portico with wide opened staircase. All buildings, in spite of their small sizes, have got majesty; monolithic massiveness of the walls emphasized rich and subtly well-painted moulded decoration (frieze of portico, pylon gate and ornamental lunette of windows in the center of the main building). After the revolution the building fell into decay and became uninhabitable. The “Safinat” Group carried out restoration works to reconstruct its first appearance, pictorial and moulded empire plafonds, wall-painting of the ceiling, type-setting parquet, they reconstructed the furniture and the other details of the interior by saved pictures. Presently the estate is opened to excursion in the days of museum.