Transport and logistics

Nowadays Safinat Group occupies one of the leading positions among the companies, which realize their cargo transportations on the south region of the Russian Federation.

The most important markets of transportation services concerning ships and ports, which belong to Safinat Group, are:

  • cargo treatment and transportation of black and non ferrous-metal from the ports of the Caspian sea
  • transportation of petroleum and oil products from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in Makhachkala
  • multimodal transportations from Middle Asia countries, including complete specter of transport-forwarding
  • services, namely railway transportation, cargo handling in the ports, marine transport
  • realization of regular ferry services between Russia and Turkmenistan
  • cargo transportations in the North and Baltic seas
  • transportation of liquefied gases in the Black sea

The basic niche market of Safinat Group is, and will stay, transportations of general cargoes which is determined by the specific features of the vehicles.

Fleet of Safinat Group consists of:

  • 13 general cargo vessels with 60 thousand metric tons total deadweight cargo capacity
  • 6 tankers with 45 thousand metric tons deadweight cargo capacity
  • 2 ro-ro ships with capacity 52 wagons each per voyage
  • 1 LPG carrier

All operations concerning cargo handling and storage are carried out in the port of Makhachkala, Astrakhan and Temryuk (terminal for transshipment and storage of liquefied hydro-carbonated gases).

Owing to the wide range of complex services combining port infrastructure and marine transport which Safinat Group provides to its clients and partners, she is one of the leading companies in the shipping business in south Russia.

The Group has following competitive advantages:

  • large fleet and well-trained professionalits, who can satisfy all charterers’ needs for transportation of any kind and size of cargo
  • qualified technical management, complying with requirement of Maritime Register and International conventions
  • possibility to ensure efficient services for vessels during loading operations
  • high-quality services (protecting of cargo, lack of delays in shipment).

Vertically integrated system of the group makes possible development and specializing in such activities as technical management, ship repair, shipchandler, agency and brokerage services.